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Minimise food waste by buying smarter

While veggie and fruit trimmings and peelings can and should be composted, food waste – like veggies that have gone off and uneaten cooked food – is an unnecessary waste of money.

Coming out of winter hibernation

After a high composting output this past summer, I feel like I’ve been hibernating through winter. Without grass cuttings, my volume of ‘green’ material has seemed dismal. I have supplemented my kitchen waste with that from my neighbour.

What is your food waste situation at home?

What is your food waste situation looking like at home? Fruits and vegetables that have gone off can, of course, be composted, but our aim should be to compost the inedible / off-cuts from fruits and vegetables and not to use our YOLO Compost Tumblers as a conscience-free dump site for produce that has gone off.

Food waste crisis in the UK

The UK is struggling with massive volumes of food waste – and the situation is probably not much different here. “Economically, food waste costs households hundreds of pounds a year and causes increased disposal costs to local authorities, pushing up council tax bills,” this BBC article says. They add, “And environmentally, it is a disaster, …

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