Our YOLO Compost Tumbler offers a convenient method to compost organic waste from the kitchen and garden. YOLO Compost Tumblers take little space, are odour-free and pest-proof, they mature compost faster than other composting methods, and they are suitable for homes with large gardens, small gardens or no gardens.

YOLO Compost Tumbler
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YOLO Compost Tumbler, medium
YOLO Compost Tumbler

About YOLO

YOLO was created by Lisa de Speville, and launched in 2017, as a solution to her own domestic composting and organic recycling needs. She has reduced her volume of household trash going to landfill and she produces >120kg of compost a year – from primarily kitchen peelings – that she uses for her plants and that she gifts to friends.

YOLO Products

Compost Tumbler, S

This small unit with two 45-litre shells is perfect for apartments and townhouses to compost kitchen cuttings and peelings.

Compost Tumbler, M

A versatile size with two 100-litre shells. The medium is ideal for families of 4+ for kitchen materials plus some garden trimmings.

Compost Tumbler, L

Two 200-litre shells accommodate kitchen material with additional space for more garden trimmings, producing a bigger volume of compost.

YOLO Mixer

A fast and convenient way to mix anything. From bird seed to fertiliser and soil.

Benefits of a
YOLO Compost Tumbler

Fast composting

Regular mixing and aeration delivers faster composting for regular turnover throughout the year.

Odour free

Mix 'greens' and 'browns' to manage moisture for compost with an earthy smell.

Pest proof

Lockable latches secure the lids to defeat even the most cunning pests.


The rotomoulded shell with
quality fittings make YOLOs strong, robust and long lasting.

Customer Comments

“We've had a YOLO for six years. Best composting system ever. All our kitchen waste goes into them. Combined with earthworms (we keep our YOLO in the shade), the system is an absolute gem. We get the best compost ever for the veggie garden.
"We must compliment you on the quality of your product! It's beautifully made and seems really strong and durable."
“Still going strong after four years."
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