Give your calves a good start and allow them to build strong immune systems in the easy-to-clean environment of an individual calf hutch. Our hutches are also ideal for smaller farm animals like goats and sheep; use as a quarantine, ‘maternity ward’ and to raise young animals.

A few years ago, in partnership with the Wynn-with Milk Farm, we developed the YOLO Calf Hutch, a robust, rotomoulded structure.

Individual calf hutches with attached pens are like townhouses with small gardens. They provide shelter from the elements and access to an enclosed outdoor area. The YOLO Calf Hutch is a good size at 1.7m long, 1m wide and 1.1m high.

Where larger structures are heavy, difficult to move and let in draughts, our YOLO Calf Hutch for individual calves offers better shelter and insulation with variable ventilation.

A farm in the process of replacing old hutches with YOLO Calf Hutch. Old fences have been re-purposed and connected to the YOLOs.

Protect your calf while its immune system is still developing. Keeping calves separated from their peers limits their exposure to bacteria and reduces the risk of illness. Housing calves in individual hutches prevents diseases from spreading.

Calf hutches can also be placed in an open field as shelter from sun, wind and rain for larger calves and other animals like sheep and goats.

YOLO Calf Hutches in an open field as shelter for older calves.



Our YOLO Calf Hutch is rotomoulded as a single unit without joins or seams.


This robust hutch is manufactured from non-porous, UV-stabilised polyethylene.


White objects reflect all light and absorb the least heat. Out in the sun, a white calf hutch is even cooler than an opaque hutch and it will last longer.


Our design incorporates buttressed side walls for structural reinforcement.


Good ventilation enables better respiratory health and heat regulation. Use a circle saw to add air vents to the upper back of the hutch.

* Add your own air vents to the standard shell


The YOLO Calf Hutch is stackable for convenient not-in-use storage and transport.

YOLO Calf Hutch dimensions:
YOLO Calf Hutch is stackable, like yoghurt cups, for convenient transport and out-of-season storage. (length x width x height)

  • 1 hutch: 1700mm x 1150mm x 1100mm, 30kg
  • 5 stacked hutches: 1700mm x 1150mm x 1350mm, 150kg
  • 10 stacked hutches: 1700mm x 1150mm x 1700mm, 300kg


We supply only the moulded shell.

Transport is not included in these prices above. You may either collect from our factory in George or we can arrange transport through transport services.

Please contact us directly with any enquiries.

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