As environmentally conscious people, we strive to create as little waste as possible at home and in our business. YOLO products are manufactured to last many, many years. They are made with care, consideration and quality materials. YOLO products are not disposable and nor do they need to be replaced frequently.

  • Rotomoulding is a very clean process with no chemicals used nor effluent waste produced.
  • The small off-cuts from each product are polyethylene plastic (LDPE 4), which we send for plastic recycling.
  • We chose to use good-quality, double-walled cardboard boxes for our packaging. These can be reused and then later they can be torn up and composted as ‘brown’ material in your YOLO Compost Tumbler.
  • The rotomoulding plastic that we use is UV stabilised so it can withstand the sun and elements. Like a water tank or plastic kayak, you can expect decades of use.
  • We have used quality components to produce our products. Product longevity really comes down to how you treat and store your YOLO products. Looked after, your YOLO could outlive you!
  • Should the latches, hinges, frame and central pipe rust, they can be recycled and replaced with new fittings.
  • If anything untoward does happen to your YOLO products, the shells, frames and components can be repurposed or recycled.
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