Zelda’s YOLO

I met Zelda and her husband Leigh at Decorex. She is an avid gardener and composter with very large property and a series of compost heaps, leaf bins and bokashi bins. They bought a green-orange medium YOLO Compost Tumbler for their kitchen waste and they’re waiting for our large units to become available.

With such a large property and their compost area at the far end, Zelda needed a solution for her kitchen waste.

I dropped Zelda a note to see whether they would like to change their original colour choice for the large unit from green-orange to another option. I also asked after their medium YOLO, which is already in place.

“Our little YOLO has been up for two weeks now,” she replied. “First bin is full and doing well.  It has made recycling our kitchen waste much easier as we’ve mounted it close to the kitchen door. I love the bright colours so I’m happy to stick with Leigh’s original choice for the large one.”

She says that her gardener MBongani has already cleared space in their composting yard in anticipation of the arrival of their new large YOLO.

“He seems just as excited as I am,” she adds.

I look forward to seeing what Zelda gets up to with the large YOLO Compost Tumbler.

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