Leave watermelon out to dry

Most fruit waste, like orange peels, banana and papaya skins and apple cores, I toss straight into my YOLO. Watermelon is another thing entirely. Because it is so moisture rich, I leave the trimmings in the sun for a few days to dry them out a little before throwing them in my YOLO. Remember to …

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Need more green? Collect kitchen waste from neighbours.

This past summer I enjoyed an incredible rate of composting in my large YOLO Compost Tumbler. I would add undecomposed material from the top of my old compost heap to fresh grass cuttings and the dry, shredded leaves that I had stashed the previous autumn.

Coffee grounds are ‘green’

Coffee grounds may be brown in colour but, like tea leaves, they are actually nitrogen-rich ‘green’ material. Coffee grounds also add magnesium and potassium to your compost. While you can toss coffee grounds straight into your garden, they are an excellent addition to your compost. If you use a coffee filter, you can toss it …

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Achieving a healthy compost balance

Good compost results from a healthy balance between nitrogen-rich ‘green’ materials and carbon-rich ‘brown’ materials. Different types of materials and proportions affect the rate of composting and this is more an art than a science. Too much nitrogen and the contents will be wet and smelly; too much carbon and it will be too dry …

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