3 Top YOLO Compost Tumbler tips

Compost tumbling is, like hot bins, heaps, stacks and cages, a natural composting process.

What makes compost tumbling effective is that the tumbling mixes and aerates the contents – this is why the composting process is faster than the others.

There are only four factors that influence your compost:
Carbon (from mostly dry materials)
Nitrogen (from mostly wet materials)
Oxygen (from the air)
Moisture (from the materials)

For the most, the main thing to watch out for is TOO MUCH MOISTURE. We tend to toss in containers of kitchen waste (wet) and buckets of grass cuttings (wet) without balancing them with sufficient dry, carbon-rich materials.

TIP #1: SMELL YOUR COMPOST. If it smells off, it is too wet. Add more dry and tumble, tumble, tumble.

TIP #2: Start your new shell off with a FEW TUBS OF DRY MATERIAL and then add your kitchen waste. Composting starts slower but it helps to guide the moisture balance from the beginning.

TIP #3: After tumbling, always settle your tumbler with the LID FACING UP so that rain and dew does not get in under the lid. The lid is like a roof.

Every batch of compost will differ as what you put in changes with the seasons.

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