The YOLO Mixer, which we have officially added to our catalogue, is a single, 200-litre shell that efficiently mixes dry materials to save you a lot of time and effort. We offer the YOLO Mixer with growers in mind as they focus on the science of soil to build their own super soils by mixing compost and organic materials and various soil amendments. Soil composition determines the outcome of the plant they grow. This unit is also ideal for building seed-starter mixes.

Of course, the YOLO Mixer can mix any dry materials. We’ve made up these units in past years for customers wanting to mix anything from soil to animal feed, bird seed, coffee beans and cereal ingredients.

Please visit our Sizes & Pricing page for a prices and courier rates for the YOLO Mixer.


Like our YOLO Compost Tumbler, the YOLO Mixer has great features that make it strong, durable, robust and effective.


Your YOLO Mixer comes already assembled in its box. Take it out, put it on the ground or mount it on your wall (fittings provided) and start using it.


The robust shell is rotomoulded from UV-stabilised polyethylene and can be left outdoors in the sun and rain. The shell is a single unit that will neither leak nor break and the lid is strong and securely bolted to the shell by means of moulded-in brass inserts and galvanised, steel hinges.


Each YOLO Mixer has six moulded-in internal fins that efficiently turn, mix and aerate the material, and break up any clumps each time you tumble your YOLO.


The galvanised steel frame can be free standing – on a level surface – or wall mounted. Use 10mm rawl bolts to wall mount the unit.


Hinges and latches are fixed to the shell by means of threaded, moulded-in brass inserts. This is a strong and durable attachment method.


Quality, rust-proof hinges and a lockable latch keep the lid in place. All fittings are attached using stainless steel bolts.


The hinged lid, with its lockable latch, fits over a raised edge to keep rain out. The lid covers a wide opening for easy and mess-free transfer of material to the bin. The lid is easy to unlatch and quick to re-fasten. Just remember to fasten the lid before tumbling the shell. The lid is not airtight or watertight so, after tumbling, always finish with the lid on top – like a roof – to ensure that rain will run off the lid.

If your YOLO Mixer is wall mounted, park your wheelbarrow under the bin, open the lid and pour out the contents. To empty units that stand on the ground, place a large tray or tarp underneath and scoop the contents onto the sheet.

With the lockable latch and thick, durable plastic shell, pests and pets won’t be able to get into your YOLO Mixer if you store materials in it.

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