YOLO Compost Tumbler

Leaves are not trash

In autumn, on trash day, the pavement in my neighbourhood looks very much like this. In most of these garbage bags are… leaves! Leaves are not trash! They’re the most amazing carbon-rich material for your compost. Collect, shred (use your lawnmower or a shredder) and stash (in bags or on a compost heap) to have …

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YOLO Compost Tumblers now available in Swaziland

Our YOLO Compost Tumblers are now available through Hardware Solutions in Swaziland. You can order directly through their website or stop past their store to see the differed sizes and colours of our YOLO Compost Tumblers in person before you order.

Improving your composting skills

I am having a blast watching John Kohler’s energised videos on compost tumbling on his YouTube channel “GrowingYourGreens“. Passionate about compost tumbling, Kohler could be my brother-from-another-mother. Hahaha. This is what I’ve enjoyed from his video “How to Make Better Compost by Improving Your Composting Skills“.

The #1 reason why your compost is not composting

I’m new to John Kohler’s Youtube Channel “GrowingYourGreens” and I’m delighted to have been directed here by a YOLO customer. Kohler is an avid veggie gardener and composter and he favours using compost tumblers. In this short video “#1 Reason Why Your Compost is Not Composting” Kohler solves 99% of all composting issues. 

Having fun with pink in February

There’s no better time to have fun with pink than in February. We’re doing pink & grey YOLO Compost Tumblers for this month only. Our plastic supplier doesn’t usually keep pink on hand but they’re doing a special run for us so that you can delight in having a pink-grey YOLO Compost Tumbler.   Note …

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What is your food waste situation at home?

What is your food waste situation looking like at home? Fruits and vegetables that have gone off can, of course, be composted, but our aim should be to compost the inedible / off-cuts from fruits and vegetables and not to use our YOLO Compost Tumblers as a conscience-free dump site for produce that has gone off.

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