Leaves are not trash

In autumn, on trash day, the pavement in my neighbourhood looks very much like this. In most of these garbage bags are… leaves! Leaves are not trash! They’re the most amazing carbon-rich material for your compost. Collect, shred (use your lawnmower or a shredder) and stash (in bags or on a compost heap) to have …

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Shred autumn leaves

For any composting method, smaller pieces of material will mix better and breakdown faster. With the autumnal abundance of dry leaves at the moment, resist the temptation to just toss a bucketful into your YOLO Compost Tumbler. The leaves will probably clump (as in any compost). Allow the leaves to dry and crush them as …

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Use those autumn leaves

The next time you wonder just what to do with the drifts of autumn leaves in your garden and along the pavements of your neighbourhood, watch this humorous and informative 17-minute TED talk by Mike McGrath. The title “Everything You Know About Composting is Wrong” doesn’t do justice to his passion for autumn leaves and …

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