kitchen waste

Kitchen tub tip

Do you also have a tub in your kitchen to put your veggie cuttings and peels into as you prepare food? We also throw in coffee ground, which I find can make the bottom of the tub quite nasty over time (we don’t often rinse the tub out). Here is a practical tip: Line the …

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Punchy video on the value of composting

This is a punchy video on the value of composting. It is worth 7 mins of your time to watch. Did you know… In the US (and probably here too), only 5% of food scraps get composted.

Zelda’s YOLO

I met Zelda and her husband Leigh at Decorex. She is an avid gardener and composter with very large property and a series of compost heaps, leaf bins and bokashi bins. They bought a green-orange medium YOLO Compost Tumbler for their kitchen waste and they’re waiting for our large units to become available.

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