Jane’s Magic of Compost

If you’re going no dig, Jane’s Delicious Garden recommends adding your compost to the surface of your beds. “To maintain fertile, healthy soil we need to continually replace the nutrients we remove when we harvest our vegetables and herbs. Using the no dig method of gardening, this is simply done by regularly adding fresh organic matter to …

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Punchy video on the value of composting

This is a punchy video on the value of composting. It is worth 7 mins of your time to watch. Did you know… In the US (and probably here too), only 5% of food scraps get composted.

Improving your composting skills

I am having a blast watching John Kohler’s energised videos on compost tumbling on his YouTube channel “GrowingYourGreens“. Passionate about compost tumbling, Kohler could be my brother-from-another-mother. Hahaha. This is what I’ve enjoyed from his video “How to Make Better Compost by Improving Your Composting Skills“.

The #1 reason why your compost is not composting

I’m new to John Kohler’s Youtube Channel “GrowingYourGreens” and I’m delighted to have been directed here by a YOLO customer. Kohler is an avid veggie gardener and composter and he favours using compost tumblers. In this short video “#1 Reason Why Your Compost is Not Composting” Kohler solves 99% of all composting issues. 

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