Jane’s Magic of Compost

If you’re going no dig, Jane’s Delicious Garden recommends adding your compost to the surface of your beds. “To maintain fertile, healthy soil we need to continually replace the nutrients we remove when we harvest our vegetables and herbs. Using the no dig method of gardening, this is simply done by regularly adding fresh organic matter to …

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Pick ‘n Pay introduces compostable ‘plastic’ bags

Pick ‘n Pay is introducing a ‘plastic’ bag made from starch and cellulose, which is meant to be compostable. I take my reusable bags with me but I’ll have to get one or two of these to try composting them in my YOLO Compost Tumbler.

Need more green? Collect kitchen waste from neighbours.

This past summer I enjoyed an incredible rate of composting in my large YOLO Compost Tumbler. I would add undecomposed material from the top of my old compost heap to fresh grass cuttings and the dry, shredded leaves that I had stashed the previous autumn.

Composting human manure

How about ‘humanure’? Considering the water shortages in South Africa, this is a very real solution. Every day when I pick up my dog’s poo I think about human sewerage systems, water usage, dysfunctional sewerage plants and resulting river pollution…

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