Make a leaf cage

We started making YOLO Compost Tumblers because we needed a composting solution at home. While my YOLO takes care of the bulk of my garden and kitchen waste, I still had not dealt with the small heap that I use to stash autumn leaves and extra grass cuttings. It has taken me two years to …

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Before you go away, add more browns

Before you go away, add more ‘brown’ carbon-rich materials to your YOLO Compost Tumbler. Rather leave it too dry (slower composting, less moisture) than too wet (rotting, smelly, wet).

Leaves are not trash

In autumn, on trash day, the pavement in my neighbourhood looks very much like this. In most of these garbage bags are… leaves! Leaves are not trash! They’re the most amazing carbon-rich material for your compost. Collect, shred (use your lawnmower or a shredder) and stash (in bags or on a compost heap) to have …

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Composting sawdust

My dad came to visit yesterday and he brought me a gift – a few bags of sawdust from a sawmill near his home (he says they have mountains of the stuff!).

Egg cartons are a go-to ‘brown’

Egg cartons are one of my favourite and readily accessible carbon-rich ‘browns’. They help to soak up moisture from ‘green’ kitchen cuttings. Smaller pieces incorporate better and don’t matt. Involve your children in your composting by getting them to tear egg cartons into little pieces and add regularly to your YOLO Compost Tumbler. If your …

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Achieving a healthy compost balance

Good compost results from a healthy balance between nitrogen-rich ‘green’ materials and carbon-rich ‘brown’ materials. Different types of materials and proportions affect the rate of composting and this is more an art than a science. Too much nitrogen and the contents will be wet and smelly; too much carbon and it will be too dry …

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