Seasonal effect on composting speed

Every YOLO Compost Tumbler shell-full of compost will be different because of what you’re adding to the mix and the environmental influences.

I’ve seen a big change in the speed of composting of my second shell. It is now in a shadier spot and the winter chill has arrived. With less sun and heat, the composting process is slower than the accelerated decomposition of Jan-Feb-March where the shell was in the baking hot, full sun all day. This second mix has also been more wet because I’ve been lazy about adding browns. I’ve been more attentive the past two weeks and the mix looks, feels and smells much better. I’m now leaving it to mature as the shell is 3/4 full.

I’m back to using the first shell (yellow) (the mature contents are sitting in my wheelbarrow waiting to me to use them in the garden) and I’ve been more attentive and better focused on adding browns more regularly. Remember to balance those tubs of kitchen cuttings with ‘brown’ torn up egg cartons, cardboard, crushed leaves and other additions like the contents of your vacuum cleaner bags.

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