A perfect pairing

We have just made contact with Dawn from Hound Sleeper. Like gin & tonic, Simon & Garfunkel and Tom & Jerry, our YOLO Moo Igloo and her Hound Sleeper is a perfect pairing.

This great design lets your dog sleep elevated off the ground and makes it easier for mature dogs to get up and to lie down on this elevated bed. Like a hammock, the bed supports your dogs weight evenly and is comfortable. Importantly, you can wash it easily to give your dog a hygienic sleeping environment.

Our YOLO Moo Igloo provides your large dog with a safe shelter and protection from the sun, wind and rain. Our great colours brighten up any yard. It’s easy to move and can be transported on the back of a bakkie or on a trailer.

For large dog breeds, our YOLO Moo Igloo (1700mm x 1150mm x 1100mm, R2990) fits over the large (1120mm x 801mm x 200mm, R925) and extra large (1300mm x 900mm x 200mm, R1100) Hound Sleeper dog beds.

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