Organic waste diversion project in Cape Town (CapeTalk)

This morning on CapeTalk, Refilwe Moloto spoke to Emile Fourie, co founder and MD of Ywaste. Towards the end of the conversation, Fourie mentions the City of Cape Town’s pilot projects that focus on food waste diversion for households.

CoCT will implement a ban on organic waste going to landfill with an aim of 50% diversion by 2022 (that is next year!) and 100% diversion by 2027.In this interview, Fourie also speaks about the economic and job creation benefits of composting food waste and organic waste instead of tossing everything into landfill. You can listen to the 8-minute podcast on the CapeTalk website.

Note that the content of the interview is not a how-to of composting effectively, which is the title of the podcast. Fourie mentions bokashi as a means to anaerobically ferment and break down food waste. Yes, for cooked food waste and aerobic composting no-no materials like meats, dairy, fats and oils, bokasi is the most effective method. Bokashi solids can be added you your YOLO Compost Tumbler to finish in an aerobic composting environment before being dug into your garden. YOLO Compost Tumblers and other composting methods like a regular ol’ compost heap are perfect for organic waste like vegetable peelings from the kitchen, garden materials, dry leaves, paper and cardboard – it is amazing how much of this we produce daily from our homes!

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