New product: YOLO Cement Mixer

We warmly welcome our new YOLO CEMENT MIXER to our YOLO family.

Perfectly mix concrete, mortar and plaster (and anything else too!) without breaking your back or creating a mess. It is ideal for home DIY projects, landscapers and handyman people. It is strong, robust and built for hard work.

Stand it up and add your measures of cement, sand/aggregate and water. Latch the lid. Place it on its side and use your hands or feet to roll the mixer. Roll it down the driveway or back-and-forth, making sure that it completes at least one full revolution each direction. Roll for about 30 seconds until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Pour the perfectly mixed concrete out of the wide mouth.

It not only mixes cement-related products – it can mix anything! Bulk homemade muesli mixes (or seeds and nuts), dry baking ingredients (for pre-mix products), animal feed, seeds-and-soil (or fertilizer and soil), bath salts, coffee blends… And yes, we think (we haven’t tried it yet) that it can probably wash clothing too!

The YOLO Cement Mixer is not yet in production, but it will be during September.

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