Make a leaf cage

We started making YOLO Compost Tumblers because we needed a composting solution at home. While my YOLO takes care of the bulk of my garden and kitchen waste, I still had not dealt with the small heap that I use to stash autumn leaves and extra grass cuttings. It has taken me two years to get around to putting up this 1mx1m wire cage (which took all of 10 mins and R66 to do!).

Every autumn I sweep up leaves from the oak tree on my pavement, shred them through the lawnmower and store them as carbon-rich material to use in my YOLO throughout the year. I need to prepare for this coming autumn and my new cage will be a winner. 

Moving material around has been so rewarding. After a year in the heap, the bottom layer is now a beautiful rich earth. I’ve put some of the middle layer into my maturing YOLO shell and the upper uncomposted layer into the cage. Composting is immensely rewarding.

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