Looming landfill ban for organic waste (goodthingsguy)

“What most people are currently unaware of is that in less than 6 months the landfill ban of organic waste in the Western Cape comes into effect.”

This is from a worth-reading post on the Good Things Guy website about the coming landfill ban of organic waste in the Western Cape.

The solution, of course, is really simple – compost your organic waste at home. In the Western Cape alone, more than 3-million tons of organic waste end up in landfills every year! The direct result of this is the impact on limited landfill space, the anaerobic rotting of organic material that produces methane, and surface and ground water contamination from leachate.

While we know that our YOLO Compost Tumblers offer the most convenient and quick method of composting, we are nonetheless in support of every composting method. Composting reduces waste, recycles organic materials, reduces environmental impact and improves soil quality through the compost produced.

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