Large YOLO Compost Tumbler prototype update

After Decorex in August, I brought the prototype of our large YOLO Compost Tumbler home to experiment with the contents. I also aim to work through my never-touched-for-three-years compost heap, maturing the material in my YOLO until I have worked through the heap.

The contents in the green shell are three weeks old and it includes: shredded leaves, dry grass cuttings and some fresh grass cuttings and the unfinished compost from one small YOLO Compost Tumbler shell. I added all of the contents on Day 1 until the shell was 3/4 full. The contents have reduced by half in the past three weeks and a lot of heat is still being given off. It probably needs another four weeks to mature.

The orange shell is my ‘active’ shell. I started it with some shredded dry leaves and fresh grass cuttings. I added more grass cuttings last week and yesterday.

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