How much compost from a small YOLO Compost Tumbler?

I’ve been curious as to the volume of compost that I’m emptying from the small YOLO Compost Tumbler shell. In the past, I’ve just dumped the contents into a wheelbarrow.

When the shell is 3/4 full, that’s when it is time to leave it to mature, giving the last added materials time to compost. During this time (6-8 weeks) you do not add any more new material but you do open the lid (to allow fresh air in) and tumble it regularly. It is incredible how much the contents reduce – its volume is more than halved as the materials decompose completely! I emptied the shell into a plastic bag to weigh it: 7.4kg.

I’ll have some of this in a glass jar at Decorex SA next week (9-13 August). The rest will go into my garden today.


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