Composting is a year-round activity

Composting is a year-round activity because even when our gardens are quiet, we produce organic waste from our homes every day, regardless of the season.

How much kitchen waste do you generate each day?

I fill half to one icecream tub a day of coffee grounds, tea bags, banana skins, apple cores, pecan nut shells, vegetable peels and trimmings. If I make a big soup, I can easily fill two tubs. These go into my YOLO the next morning.

If you add up all of those 2-litre tubs over a week, over a month and over a year, that is an incredible amount of organic waste per household that too often ends up on landfill. There it rots anaerobically under piles of trash. Methane, that nasty greenhouse gas results.

The solution is simple: compost the organic waste from your kitchen and garden.

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