Take advantage of autumn leaves

Although you can start composting organic waste from your home at any time of year, autumn certainly ranks as the best season to start composting because of the abundance of carbon-rich materials in the form of crunchy, dry leaves. This plentiful source of carbon is needed to balance the moisture- and nitrogen-rich peelings from the …

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Use those autumn leaves

The next time you wonder just what to do with the drifts of autumn leaves in your garden and along the pavements of your neighbourhood, watch this humorous and informative 17-minute TED talk by Mike McGrath. The title “Everything You Know About Composting is Wrong” doesn’t do justice to his passion for autumn leaves and …

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Improve your compost

Maintaining a healthy compost comes down to five basics. These include the ingredients that you put into your compost, the size of the material, moisture, temperature and air.

Composting newspaper and cardboard

Newspaper and cardboard – as well as egg cartons – can be composted. They are ‘brown’, carbon-rich materials and they help to absorb moisture. But, not all papers are the same and some are bad for your compost.

Don’t add earthworms

Earthworms are synonymous with compost and you’ll find them in any compost heap. But, they are not needed for composting to happen. Bacteria are the key organisms responsible for the breakdown of plant matter.

The convenience of tumbling your compost

You’ve no doubt heard of the back-breaking work involved in turning a compost heap using a pitchfork? That’s why we love the YOLO Compost Tumbler – there’s no heap to be turned.

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