Breezeblock Cafe in Brixton composts their organic waste

BREEZEBLOCK is a friendly, owner-run cafe in Brixton, Jo’burg. Conscious about waste, they do things like serve their takeaway coffee in biodegradable cups. In their kitchen, they create unpretentious, flavourful and healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks. As they use fresh vegetables and fruit, they produce a lot of organic waste, which Breezeblock’s owner, David du Preez, takes home and adds to his compost heap.

They’re looking for faster turnover and a more efficient method of composting that they can do on site. Our YOLO Compost Tumbler is perfect!
While they wait for our new LARGE size YOLO Compost Tumbler (2 x 200 litre shells) to become available, David has one of our small units in their courtyard for the office and the two apartments above the cafe to use. We expect to have a pre-production unit of the large size this Monday (yay!) and we look forward to seeing one installed at this delightful neighbourhood cafe.
Visit Breezeblock cafe for excellent coffee, great food, and a beautiful space to enjoy. They warmly invite you to come for a quick meal, or to linger over a chessboard, novel or newspaper.
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