Baloo’s orange YOLO Large Dog Kennel

This is Baloo, a beautiful Australian Shepherd. His mom and dad, Iselle and Sean, came through on Saturday to collect his orange YOLO Large Dog Kennel.

“Even though he has 24hrs access to the house, he prefers being outside, keeping an eye on the main gate,” says Iselle.

“Now he can hang out in his favourite daytime spot next to the house in style, no matter the weather (while the rest of the useless lot snooze inside on the bed). Thank you Lisa and Celliers… We couldn’t be happier.”

Baloo’s large size Hound Sleeper patio bed fits inside perfectly. Our YOLO Large Dog Kennel is 1.7m long, 1.15m wide and 1.1m high and only R2700.

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