Amazing athlete Jeannie Dreyer is tumbling

We received wonderful compliment from one of South Africa’s most incredible endurance athletes, Jeannie Dreyer.
Jeannie’s sporting accomplishments span the disciplines of adventure racing and multisport to trail running, mountain biking and paddling.

From winning events and setting records to placing second overall (by 13 minutes!) at The Munga (+1000km non-stop mountain bike race from Bloem to CT) to riding her bike up Mt Kilimanjaro earlier this year, Jeannie’s achievements are exceptional. And now she has taken to composting organic waste from her kitchen and garden with our YOLO Compost Tumbler. Thank you Jeannie and happy tumbling.

This photo of Jeannie Dreyer was taken by JB Badenhorst and it appears on The Bike Hub in this interview.

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